2016-11Hi, my name is João Borges, but I rather be called Borks. I am a Game Design student from São Paulo, Brazil, who focuses on Game Programming. There’s plenty of reasons why I have chosen this path to my life, but the major ones are that I always liked to create things, and I’ve always been a gamer. However, once you are in the position of who develops the game experience, you have a whole different vision of things.

I’m developing games for 2 years now, and my passion for this work just grows more and more. I frequently work on Unity (and even got certified), but lately I’ve been researching about the Unreal Engine, and started to learn it. In programming, there is always a challenge waiting to be solved, in order to deliver the best results to the final product, and that’s exactly what I like about it.

The Game Design course I’m attending, does not focus on any area, it shows the basic concepts of each area and encourages the students to research their preferred ones an then make a choice. Therefore, I’ve chosen the path of programming, and in the process I have learned a lot of things of art and design that even influenced the way I code, besides helping me to have a better notion of their work and how much work things need to be done or to be modified.

My goal is to be a Game Programmer, and to work on the creation of big games, with a lot of complex systems and programming challenges.